From my current Linux OES2 cluster setup, I am trying to re-create a new cluster, prior doing it I need to properly remove the existing cluster setup. I wa able to delete the current "cluster" and all its objects under via iManager-> Directory Admin section. Shall other objects also need to be removed or modified s well? Pls advise.



* this is the doc. I located for OES2 Linux, and i am not quite sure step 3 to 4 is from Modify NCP server or else where?

4.6.7 Reconfiguring a Cluster Node

If you want to remove a cluster node from one cluster and add it to another cluster, you must reconfigure the node.

1 Bring down the cluster node.

2 In eDirectory, delete the cluster node object from the cluster container.

3 In eDirectory, find the NCP Server object and then go to Properties for that object.

This is not the cluster node object in the cluster container. It is the server object for the server.

4 Click Other, then find and delete the NCS:NetWare Cluster attribute.

5 Reconfigure Novell Cluster Services by following the procedure outlined in Section 3.5.3,

"Installing Novell Cluster Services after the OES Installation," on page 20.