One of our customers would like to install a new Server into it's Infrastructure.

He has about 400 Users in it's Enviroment.

Now we have to set up a new Server for about 20-30 Users.

The question is, what kind of installation you should prefer ?

a) a NW 6.5 Server with netware Kernel

b) a SLES 10 SP1 Server with NSS Volumes

c) a SLES 10 SP1 Server with XEN and NW 6.5 in a VM.

An last, but not least, what about the licences ?
If I use b) or c) what updates or new Licences do I have to offer ?

The Server should be only for File Services (with and without NW Client).

This project should be a pilot project for further extensions,
especially the NSS extensions für shadow Volumes.

Is there any specialist who can answer my questions ?

Uwe Schieweg