Hi all.

We are now looking to move from Ghost to Zenworks for Imaging, but I am having a few issues!

We have a sysprepped image that we use.
There are 3 partitions, the main NTFS (pri,hidden), Logical drive (which would be the D: temp drive), and a FAT16 (pri, active).

Normally after imaging, the system boots to the FAT16 which invokes a DOS script to mount NTFS drives, contact DHCP to get machine name, etc. This has been working fine with Ghost for years.

I expand the Ghost image to a PC as we would normally and once complete capture it with Zenworks to create a ZMG file. This works fine. I then image the same machine again with this new ZMG file, which is also successful. When I reboot the machine, the PC says "INVALID SYSTEM DISK"; it cannot boot from the FAT16 for some reason.

After the image is deployed, the FAT16 partition is still Primary and Active.

I have the NTFS partition to Primary Active just to check if it boots, and it does. There are problems with booting due to the sysprepped config (the scripts on the FAT16 need to run before the NTFS is set as Primary). Basically, I set it as Primary Active just to ensure that I get some sort of boot activity.

Using Zenworks Image Explorer, the partitions seem intact with all files there, just as it would be if Ghost has put the image down.

Can anyone suggest why the FAT16 doesn't boot?
The FAT16 normally boots right after I do a Ghost imaging session, which is the point I captured the ZMG.