I have installed GMS 2.03 Linux on a SLES 10 server. The install went smoothly and I can log in to the user and admin interfaces from the web anywhere. I have ports 80, 443, and 3102 open from the Internet to my GMS box and ports 7191 and 8191 open between my GMS and GW boxes.

When I go to https://GMS/install on my Motorola Q (Windows Mobile 5), I am prompted for a user name and password, and they are accepted. I then am prompted for location, time zone and zip code information. I am then taken to the link to download client software. After I click that link, it tries to locate the software but fails. I am told the connection was lost.

I also am not able to simply log in to https://GMS from my mobile device.

When I look at the logs in the admin utility of GMS, I see the following:

Unexpected failure detected: DBGenericException
Unexpected failure detected: PIMDBException
Unexpected failure detected: DBConnectionException
Intellisync Mobile Gateway was started
The GMS Web Site Process was started
OnDevice Setup has started
About to deploy express.war
express.war not found!
express context not found
Embedded Tomcat was started
not licensed for sysmgmt or filesync product

Thoughts or reasons on what is happening?