I've had a ZCM 10.0.2 server set up for a few weeks now. We've finally gotten past the issues with ZenLoader locking up when updating cache (too many restarts of ZenLoader to mention).

Shaun, I believe you said there's a ticket on the ZenLoader issues, correct?

Well, my next issue has to do with baselining of patches. I have three servers currently added to my Windows 2003 dynamic group and one workstation in the Windows XP dynamic group. Both groups have had baseline patches added to them (pretty much all patches up until the last patch release by Lumension of January 2008 patches).

My question is, how long should it be until those machines even tag the patches as valid patches? Full Refresh is set for every 8 hours on the machines and Partial refresh every 2 hours. My workstation has been online for over a week and hasn't tagged a single update for itself (even though it's a base Windows XP SP2 install). The servers are split in how they'll get their patches

BTW, all clients have Windows Automatic Updates turned to off.

Dan Walker