trying to install hp2, and it won't install on the main zfd server.

just did the upgrade from zfd4 to 7; used R2 disc set; then installed trying to get HP2 on top of that.

I have one server running zfd inventory services...basically, "everything but" imaging. (no middle roll-up.) One other server runs imaging. The patch installed fine on that server...finished with no errors. But it won't finish on the other server.

both servers are nw6.5.7

I set up de-bugging on the workstation thats doing the installing, and it gets to a point where it just gets stuck in a loop. The last successful (looking) part is here:

launchInstallAnywhere: ZeroG install: ZeroG Install is running.

then I get this:

Processwatcher: Testing if Process is completed
ProccessTest: c:\novell\zfdtemp\ZENworksInstall.lok does not exist
Processwatcher: Process test returned false, waiting...
ProcessWatcher: testing if process is completed
getTextFile: c:\novell\zfdTemp\ZENworksInstall.lok
ProcessTest: ZENworksInstall.lok contains:
ProcessWatcher: Processtest returned false, waiting
ProcessWatcher: Testing if Process is completed
getTextFile: c:\novell\zfdtemp\ZENworksInstall.lok
ProcessTest: ZENworksInstall.lok Contains:

and so on, and so on.

I rebooted the server...redownloaded the patch, and tried change.

don't know what to do next.

thanks for any help