We have another new model of PC in, and of course it wont image via the network or with the new boot cd. (I applied the hot patch IR3 I think ... whatever was the latest about a month ago ...)

The PC model is HP7800p and the NIC model is Intel 82566DM Gigabit. The PC is a slim, so it has half PCI slots - too small for our old Intel NICs, so we cannot even get a old nic in it, to get past this issue.

Anyone else had success imaging these desktops? Is there another, newer, hot-patch-IR-SpXX-whatever available someplace, that might have the correct nic driver?

And -- as a bonus extra question: how is it that an old ghost boot disk can seemingly load up the nics in new machines, while a very very current Zen 7 boot disk, chokes every time there is a slightly new nic that comes out on a slightly new pc model?