I don't understand the set up of tasks and milestones in Teaming.

First of all folders seem to be about teams and topics whereas a milestone is about certain point in a project. I don't understand how a milestone is a collection of folders but for some reason when defining a milestone that is how it is set up. With this kind of setup I would need to create a task folder for every team and milestone combination. If a project has 6 teams and the project has 20 milestones I need to create 120 task folders? Milestones should be a collection of tasks, not a collection of task folders. When I create a task I should be able to associate it with a milestone. Am I missing something? I would expect that I create 6 task folders, one for each team on the project, and then combine the work in those teams into a project milestone based on specific tasks belonging to specific milestones.

Secondly, the task summary applet doesn't seem to ordering by due date, priority, or anything. Tasks don't seem to drop off the list when marked completed. How is this applet supposed to be used?