I'm trying to set-up a network printer in GNOME for the root user on an OES2 server.
Since I'm not familiar with Linux, I'm a little bit in the dark here.

The iPrint part is working (tested from a workstation), but when I try to install an iPrint printer on the server it fails with the message "iPrint Lib - The administrator may not have assigned a driver or the server may not support printer/driver installation for this platform."
Since I have added a Linux driver to the driver store I'm guessing it is the second part of the message.
It might be that the root user is not part of the eDirectory?

I then tried to get cups started. To prevent a conflict with iPrint I changed cups.conf to use port 632.
This worked and I am able to add our network printer (same as the iPrint printer) a print a test page.

However, when I try to add the printer using YAST Printer Configuration, the configuration tool freezes at 60% with the message Loading current settings...

I found some threads telling to delete the /var/lib/YaST2/ppd_db.ycp file.
This did not help. The driver database is rebuild, but then the Printer Configuration tools freezes again at 60%.

The threads also said that an updated cups should be downgraded to the original version shipped with SLES 10.2.
This didn't help either.

By the way, when I use lp -dPRINTER (where PRINTER is the printername in the eDirectory) it does work.

Any other tips or ideas?

Kind regards,