here i go again ;-)

After the successful installation of ZCM 10.0.1 to SLES10 in a VM. I make a
online update to ZCM 10.0.2. And it seems that all engines are runing. :-)

I set up two WXPProf Wkstn. and let them discovered. OK (After i switch of
the Win-Firewall, because it drops the ICMP-Packets)

Then i tried to deploy the agent, and see according to the documentation: I
need a Windows-Proxy. OK

The next step was the manuell inst. of the agent. Open the web page on the
ZCM-Server, click, install, reboot. All fine.

And now? What's the way to install the Win-Proxy? At the ZCC i have choose
one of the both discovered Wkstn. as Win-Proxy. But i think i have to
install a piece of SW at the specified Wkstn. I have checked most of the
Documentation for the word "proxy" but i found only DHCP-Proxy (for PXE) or
the hint that i need a Windows Proxy if i use Linux as OS for the Primary