I've got a question about when a user exceeds their quota on a mapped drive.

I've seen this happen a few times and wonder what I can do to prevent
it. A user logs in and his homefolder is mapped with a 200MB quota. He
decides that he wants to upload 500MB of data to his homefolder to free
up his local hard drive. He selects the files he wants to copy up and
does a MOVE rather than a copy. 198MB of the files are uploaded and the
rest disappear.

Another thing I've seen is where a user has reached their quota with
only a few kb free. They click on their network drive and open a Word
document (which creates a temp file ~wordfile.doc) Upon opening the
file, the temp file doesn't have enough space and becomes corrupt.

As for the drive mapping, if you right-click on the mapped drive in My
Computer, the free space and used space numbers reflect that of the
Volume as a whole. I believe this may be the problem, but it could be a
setting on the client itself... I'm not really sure. Is there any way
to fix this to prevent loss of data and corruption? Thanks,