Will be migrating my first NW51 server that has NDPS printing to NW65 in the
next 1-2 weeks and just want to make sure I have things straight.

- iPrint is the way to go, and it includes NDPS if you install it on the

- SCMT will migrate the source server NDPS configuration to the new server,
then after the migration you install iPrint along with the other services
that wouldn't have installed as part of the pre-migration server (as well as
other tasks normal to the migration wizard process and suggested by the

- On the new server (aka destination server), you should be able to now load
your BROKER and NDPSM and it will run exactly how it did on the source

- Users who have NDPS printers setup on their Windows workstations can print
exactly as they did before, there's no need to install any updates or new
configs on the workstations (other than possibly updating the Novell Client
to the latest)

- I should now manage NDPS from iManager 2.7

Do I have the above right?

I'm going to toy a bit with iPrint between now and the actual migration
date, but just want to be sure worse case I can fall back on the above plan
just to be sure my users can print and that I don't have to reconfigure all
the printers on the server and workstations.

Thanks in advance