I recently attempted to migrate both OS and hardware from NetWare 5.1 SP8 (eDir to NetWare 6.5 SP7 (eDir 8.8). Long story short, I had nothing but problems with NDS/eDir. I used the free tools I could find and various TIDs and such in preparation, ran dsrepair on the master until it was at 0, installed the new server with the NetWare option of migraition, used the migration wizard, pretty much everything (I think) to prepare for the migration.

After step 4 using the wizard, I did actually get to login to the new server once, then it seemed everything blew up. No logins, couldn't acess the user for my backup tapes (so I could restore the Tree/NDS). I was at least successful in restoring the data to the appropriate volumes prior to the blow-up. I even tried reinstalling NW on the SYS volume and chose the migration server prep option.

I ended up having to remove DS from both servers and reset the original server back up so I could have things running again by Monday morning. At least now I will have a "fresh" installation of DS to migrate from. Oh, and when I called in tech support, I had the option of continuing with the migration to 6.5 and have all the support I need or no help as I would be reverting back to 5.1 and they no longer support it. At this stage I was already in the process of moving back to the old server. I'm also finding there are apparent security (CA) issues on the old server that I need to address as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe a checklist for me to use so I can make sure I didn't skip anything? I plan on trying this again in about 2 weeks, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (Yes, I will be scouring the threads here to see what else I might find).