Hi all.

I'm having trouble getting the NAL DB working correctly.
The Inventory DB is working fine!

If I launch a NAL that has reporting enabled on a registered workstation, then the reports show nothing for NAL launches. The following settings have been made as per dm7admin document:

Desktop Management Database has been created.
- Connection PArameters have been set (CommLinks=TCPIP{Host=SERVERIP:2638};AutoStop=Yes; Integrated=No;DB N=NAL;ENG=SERVERIP)
- PUBLIC NDS Rights assigned with Host SErver, Network Address, zendbODBC objects, zendbuser/pass.

SLP crated
- Zen Database Inventory DB points to Inv DB
- Zen Database App DB points to Desktop Management DB
- Associations set to Workstation container.

NAL created
- Launch/Dist successs/failure logging to DB.

Workstation Registered.

Any help appreciated!