I am having some trouble locating the correct hot patch to install. We are having trouble imaging computers that have Intel 975X motherboards. They image but it often takes 1 to two days for a 15 GB image to go though. I thought that updating to the latest hot patch would help. I was trying to locate
TID 3484245 to get more information, but I cannot locate this article, so that is why I am asking in the forums.

When I try to download ZDM SP1 HP6 it takes me to a page to download ZDM SP1 IR1 because that patch is needed first. I actually tried to locate hot patch 5 before I found out about HP 6 and could not find it. Was it removed because of a problem with the Marvell Yukon? Anyway, it just seems like a lot of things are missing for these hot patches and information is difficult to find.

Can anyone help me out or let me know if updating to a hot patch might fix our problem. Imaging is fine on all our other computers that do not have these motherboards.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Diane