Our campus has a central university wide tree and several separate
departmental trees. I'm in the process of setting up at campus wide
test tree that I plan to open up to anyone on campus. I've got the
first server setup and I've got a few questions.

1) So far workstations are not able to browse to the tree using
advanced options. When "tree" is clicked the campus tree and several
departmental trees are visible but not the new one. I know I'm missing
something here. Is there a setting I'm missing or perhaps something
that needs to be configured on the network side (the box is on a
relatively new subnet and is running as vm guest). I'm able to log into
the tree via IP address with no problems.

2) For users who want to use one workstation for multiple trees should
the DA and Scope for the second tree be configured on the workstation?
Will that cause any problems?

3) Anything else I should know/do/avoid/etc?