Okay... I'm running Linkwall version 3.11.0 and BorderManager 3.8.

I'm trying to give my Teachers access to youtube.com as well as the "audio-video" category in Linkwall.

I have a Linkwall deny rule set up that basically locks things down for Students and Teachers.

I want to give teachers access to the audio-video category. So, I created a new Linkwall rule, assigned my teacher group to that rule (excluded them from the first rule), and unchecked the audio-video category. However, youtube.com is still blocked, because it also shows up in adult, filehosting, mixed_adult, phishing, porn, proxy, radio, religion, sports etc... categories as well.

Is there anyway to get around this without having to type all of the "audio-video" entries into an exception list in NWAdmin? I can't put it in my Linkwall excludes list, because this will exclude it for Students too.

Any ideas?