Hi All,

I have been searching the internet for a while looking for people who have been having problems imaging Lenovo Products. For example, I've tried a few models such as the 8212, 1871, 7658 and some others. All of them come back the same with a security error right after POST. I can get ghost to work when using the -ir switch to make a raw image. But using the img command from the bootcd doesn't work.

Seems to have something to do with a special boot sector that Lenovo uses for their system restore utility. Unfortunately, my co-workers requested to keep this functionality. Else I would just blow it away.

Nothing I've found so far was conclusive as to a fix for this issue. Most of the posts here about it seem to be a year old or more and none of them seem to have a resolution. Sometimes I can use a windows XP cd go into repair mode, and execute the fixmbr and fixboot command and that will work as far as getting windows to boot. But then the F11 system restore does not work.

We are using ZENworks 7 SP1 IR1.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.