This is addressed primarily to Peter, but also to anyone at Novell that
is reading, or anyone that can forward it to Novell for reading.

I'm going to make a suggestion based on what I think are some fair

1) Novell wants to sell the product. A lot, and quickly.
2) The primary new buyers are going to be customers that are newly
entering this type of product (EG - not going to have a mad rush of
Microsoft Sharepoint users run out and buy a Novell 1.0 product)
3) There is a genuine interest by Novell in getting demo systems up and
4) We all agree that this is not a simple/slam dunk setup, that not only
is learning a new product required (after the setup), but a variety of
reasonably complex systems all must interact correctly.
5) We all agree the documentation pretty much draws wind right now.

Now here's my suggestion. Novell provide free technical assistance in
configuring the following (minimum) evaluation setup:

4gb server running SLES10sp1 as a Xen host
2gb guest server running SLES10sp1 as the Teaming Server
MySQL database
Authentication against either eDir, ActiveDirectory, or local users
1gb guest server running SLES10sp1 as the Conferening server
PostGresSQL Server
Authentication against either eDir, ActiveDirectory, or local users

Having a standardized demo setup would enable Novell to assist in setup
without running them broke. Doing it on XEN and SLES10sp1 would restrict
it all to Novell products (on the box), keep it all on one box, and
still allow a single-box demo. Granted, it would (likely) not allow the
voice bridge to be put in, but I think most people doing a 60 day eval
would be willing to forgo that, or do their own more complex (non-free)
installation. Shoot, they may even be able to completely automate it all
to set up on XEN...

Here's my quandry.

I'm about 90% sure that if/when I get a demo up and running, the owner
of our company is going to jump all over this product. He is (as of
late) totally enamored with "going virtual" for office workers, and has
been burning the keyboards using GroupWise Instant Messenger for
"virtual meetings". This would blow his mind.

I'm about 100% sure (no, not about, exactly 100%) that my boss will not
authorize the $750 Novell "tech support fee" to install this, untile he
knows he wants to buy it.

I'm about 99% sure that I can get this up and running.

I'm about 60% sure I will have it up and running and configured well.

I'm about 20% sure I will have it up and running and configured
completely properly for the hardware and systems I have running.

I'm wililng to bet there are a lot of tech guys like me out there that
are in much the same boat.

How nice it would be to have a system demo that I am confident is set up
correctly. Seems Novell would want to know that their product that is
being demo'd is set up properly.

I think the above scenario would makeboth sides happy.