In the first place I don't understand why Novell is moving it's products to Ms OS, are we forced to learn how to configure IIS, SQL, Webservices on Microsoft. I have been installing many Novell products on Netware for many years, but it seems things are changing.
Can't they give the product in a pre-configured way. Do I have to follow those links to microsft site for security configuration ?
I have tried the first install, but I failed to get login to my e-directory when I try the test on Management Console. The Ldap is running without problems and we are using it for other authentications. So the problems is where to troubleshoot MS. The installation is done on MS 2003 server, but using SQL 2000 sp4, .NET has also been installed, but I am not sure if the IIS is has really been configure for SSL(You have to search this on internet, a waste of time), is it all that necessary when just testing the product ?
I think they should out line sep by set installation for those who are not interested in Microsoft (including SQL and IIS installation and configuration) other just throwing out the product like that