Hello, this is further to my earlier postings "Can't join Vista Business to
NW6.5SP7 (beta 5) CIFS PDC". Have installed update#4 for the Novell Vista
Client, and the NetWare server is running the latest SP and patches for
NW65. Recently purchased OES2 and am running NW65SP7 off of it for now,
looking at Linux later in the year maybe...

Note that the Vista PC logs into the server OK, however I have to login once
for eDir, and once for the local Windows login. Then after doing that I try
to join the Vista PC to my CIFS domain and it tells me "Logon failure:
unknown user name or bad password". I assure you that neither is the case,
I used the same username and pswd on a Win2000 machine and it joined my
domain no problem, and I've done similar on another server with WinXP
machines, it only seems to be Vista that's the problem.

I came across another posting in this newsgroup "Re: OES 2 and Domains ??"
on Sep-13-2007 which is referring to some OES2 documentation saying that
support for Vista in Domain services is planned for a future release of
OES2. Is this referring to the same thing that I'm trying to do?

If not then I'd appreciate any tips in getting this resolved. Vista
machines will become a necessity as time rolls along, and I don't want to
have to deal with each Vista user having that 2nd login to deal with, and
the lack of control because the login security at the workstation level is
not secured with eDir.

Thanks in advance