Issue: Using Leopard 10.5.x, when a user attempt to login using afp
(Finder | Go | Connect to Server), the password field pops "Password
error You have entered more character than the maximum number allowed."
when you type in the ninth character of a password. Not an issue with
eight character or less passwords.

Not an issue with Tiger.

And here's the funny thing: If you click out of the error message, and
then click on "Connect" with just the first eight characters of the
password, you login!

NetWare 6.5 SP6
Universal Password Enabled
afptcp.nlm v 2.05.04 Build 348
Cleartext passwords are not enabled

1) Since Universal Password is enable, this is not a Simple Password
issue. But is seems like the Simple Password is being used to login.
2) The eight character password sounds like a afp v2.x issue, but
Leopard used afp v3.2 (I believe)