I have a Compaq ML370G2 server running NW6SP4 (I know it's old, that's
another issue...) and after a restart, the SYS volume will not mount,
and automatically runs VREPAIR. There are no errors reported, but SYS
will not mount. I have searched the Knowledgebase and found several
TIDs, but none helped resolve the issue. It looks like the SYS volume
is cooked.

The issue I have is, there is data on VOL1 and VOL2 (all volumes are
TFS) that I need to keep. I need to find a way to rebuild the SYS volume
so I can access the data volumes and move the data off the server.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried to do a new server
install with the same NW6SP4 CD, but I can't get the drivers to load the
CDROM drive. What I want to do is reinstall the SYS volume off the
network, and access the server's data volumes to copy the data off VOL1
& VOL2. Then I can remove the server from the tree properly, rebuild it,
add it back into the tree, and reinstall the data.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

-- Geoff