ZCM 10.0.2 does not support Vista SP1, and the TIDs suggest a 10.1.0 release will include support in "the first half of 2008". Are there some "Novellians" out there that can comment on a Vista SP1 support date?

In our test environment we have also confirmed the following:

- Install Windows Vista
- Install the Zenworks Adaptive Agent (from 10.0.2) and ensure import
- Install Vista SP1

I haven't tested all the features but it appears a machine which had been imported continues to be relatively functional once SP1 is installed. The ZCM server however no longer updates the "Last Contact" with the Vista box.

Installing the Zenworks Adaptive Agent on a fresh Vista SP1 box and attempting to register results in errors as per:

Search Results Page

Search Results Page

We have pushed back our Vista deployment until we can push Vista SP1 out into the wild.. and therefore are in need of ZCM support.

Comments or insight welcome..