Just started playing around with ZEN 7 Suite. Installed "Desktop Management Services" with stand alone option, but did NOT install "Middle Tier Server" on an OES2 (NetWare 6.5 SP6) box. Existing workstations with Novell Client and ZFD Agent import into eDir with no problems (remote control and all that stuff works fine).

Question comes up with scratch built XP SP2 workstation with ZFD Agent installed (no Novell Client yet). The "Middle Tier Server Authentication Dialog Box" appears but doesn't allow me to login with eDir credentials. Is this because Middle Tier Server was not installed?

Is there any reason to install Middle Tier Server if use of ZEN is intended to be used only for LAN based workstations?

Should I suspect loading Novell Client on pre-said workstation will allow eDir authentication and all should be good?