Hi All

Can someone tell me how the adaptive agent decides to choose which server to connect to?, we have two primary servers in our zone and it always connects to the same one, even when the first primary server is switched off they agent authentication will fail.

We moved the sybase database from one server to another and still the agent will not authenticate. So we added a DNS round robin so that the second server had the same DNS name as the primary and that kind of works (slow access) but seems like a very dodgy way of getting things to work from the second server.

So just to clarify:-

Server1 (First Primary On) When this is on all works well.

Server1 (First Primary Down) The Second Zone Member Server2 does not work even when it holds the database, the agent still tries to connect to Server1.

We make a DNS Round Robin so that Server1&Server2 resolve to the DNS of Server1.ourcomany.com it appears to work but seems a bit of a cowboy fix to me, is this really the way we would recover from a primary crash if we did not use remote databases.