I am starting new thread as the other one is way too long & way too messy.

Here is the situation:

Brand new install of OES2, activated, ALL updates to date

LDAP server on a remote NW 6.5 SP6 machine

I can browse LDAP server from OES2 server with LDAP Browser (login or
Anonymous) with NO problems!

namconfig add -a cn=adminuser,ou=users,o=spgs,c=uk -p password -r
ou=users,o=spgs,c=uk -w ou=OESLinux,o=spgs,c=uk -S -l 636 -y
cn=LUMldapuser,o=spgs,c=uk -d password

namconfig.getSchemaName: schema name = cn=schema
NAM Schema is extended successfully.
NAM Unique id schema is already extended.
uidNumber and gidNumber attribute indices already exist in the LDAP server
Creating the Unix Config object...done.
Creating the Unix Workstation object... already exists
Adding the workstation context...done.
Stopping the service 'namcd'...done.
Stopping the service 'nscd'...done.
Starting the service 'namcd'... Done.
Starting the service 'nscd'... Done.
Configure done successfully.

plone:~ # id adminuser
id: admin: No such user

Which means LUM is not working.

Trying to reconfigure LUM from Yast2 (all services selected for LUM) gives

Unable to connect to LDAP server or the specified user
cn=adminuser,ou=users,o=spgs,c=uk does not have enough privileges to
configure Linux User Management
Please correct the problem and re-run namconfig after the install

It is the same IP and user that namconfig is happy with!

I am lost (as much as my OES2 is itself I believe)