Hello everyone,

We've been having a lot little issues across campus with OpenSSH on
Netware. We've found that there is a nasty memory leak (reported and
confirmed in other forums) and that the nlm can be a bit unstable and
crash the server if it's unloaded when there are active connections.

To alleviate the issue a bit I'm experimenting with building a single
centralized server for campus use that does nothing but SFTP. This
would allow us to reboot the server regularly to deal with the memory
leak (right now the only workaround is to block port 22 to off campus
addresses which isn't very helpful for an SFTP server....) and minimize
the effect of the server going down.

The problem is we're short of hardware at the moment. I'm wondering how
beefy a box needs to be if it's just running SFTP. I do have one
recently decommissioned server still in the rack that I could quickly
redeploy but it's a bit long in the tooth.... It's a NetFinity 4500R,
PIII class processors, 1G of ram. Do you think it would serve for a
while or do I need to look for something better? I've considered using
a VM however I'm a a bit concerned with eating up network bandwidth of
the host with the SFTP traffic.

Thanks in advance,