Hi all
I have an OES SP2 which be as iFolder2X Server and User-Data on NSS
Volume.Server weeks ago,the server had been reinstall eDir.
Today I insatll all OES SP2 Patches & reboot,But iFolder 2X could not
start,because service account could not be find (novlifdr).
I re-configure LUM,but it still not sync again and tring to recreate it
manually (useradd -u 105 -g 104 -G ifdrwww novlifdr), iFolder2 could start
successfully...but User could not access data.....
checking /var/log/warn.log...I get a message below
"Feb 29 20:05:10 hqoes kernel: Couldn't get FDN from LUM for uid, rc=105 =
2"(105 is novlifdr account UID)
Besides novlifdr,other user could find out by LUM (like "id admin ")
The reason like the LUM could not response the novlifdr's FDN so that NSS
Volume reject the access.
But I don't know how to re-sync the appointed account.
Anyone know that how to resync or resolve the LUM-Sync problem ??