I've never done an install on NW where the client was upgrading from 3.2
to 7. Making Sure all the services are shut down, cleaned up
(deleted) most of the old ZEN 3.2 objects, as most are outdated.

Install ZEN 7 SP 1, looks like the install worked fine. When I go to
apply ZDM7SP1IR1 it acts like ZEN 7 has never been installed on the
server, will not allow a selection of the server that ZEN 7 was just
installed on.

Any issues with upgrading 3.2 to 7sp1? See any need to search and
destroy any remnants of ZEN 3.2 before installing 7.0.1?

Any issues with ZDM7SP1IR1 that might cause this?

Thanks to all, for any input!