Strange problem...

I've been studying custom entries and workflows, and as per the documentation, created a Time Off Request form and workflow.

They work great!

But now...under Global Workspaces, we created a workspace called Clients, under which we have about 40 other workspaces where we store customer information, including File Folders. These file folders contain all sorts of documents: PDFs, XLS, DOC, etc. When I click on one of these file entries, the form that pops up is no longer the file entry form, which shows the thumbnail of the file, and the ability to view HTML or EDIT; it now opens up using my Time Off Request form, with the file as an attachment!!!

Only the file folders under that branch of our Teaming site are doing that; everywhere else in the Teaming site the file folders are working properly.

I've no idea why this is happening, or how to fix it.