Hey all,

I'm a netware noob and appear to have inherited a questionable decision. The company I work for runs a netware 6.x environment and purchased a server running windows server 2003. The only real function of the windows server will be file storage. They are currently using a NT server in a similar fashion.

Users are authenticating to the NT server using their local windows sign-on and computer name and different users have different rights. Maybe I'm wrong, but this just doesn't seem correct. I don't have the Novell experience to know the proper method for incorporating the windows server, but it would seem that there should be an easy way to control file rights on the windows server via the Novell authentication. Also, it seems like I should be able to create storage space on the windows server (for each novell user account) and then perform a function such as My Documents folder redirection).

I don't need a ton of help, but if somebody could just shove me in the right direction it would be most appreciated! If there a service I should use? Is it a horrible ideal to run an active director domain with netware. If not, how would users login to both?