Old Server: NW6.5+SP7
New Server: NW6.5SP6 Overlay Premigration Server + SP7 (eDir 8.7)
Shall be a two node cluster soon.

For a very old and since months instable (VERY old HW) Server we have got new HW
now. <smile>

Old and new Server have FC connection to our HP EVA FC-SAN. Unfortunately some
volumes span local and SAN disk space. These have to be migrated.

Other Volumes are on the FC-SAN *ONLY*: Is it possible / advisable *not* to
migrate these volumes, but just to switch them over from the old server to the
new one after the migration tool finished successfully, using the FC-Switch
config tool?

Reading up the http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Migration_Wizard I found that the
copy can be runned more than once: Is it advisable to use this possibility to
copy the files let's say 2, then 1 day in advance of the planned, final migration
(newer files only for 2nd and later copies)?

By this I hope to save a lot of time for the final copy process.

Any suggestions appreciated what to take care of and what can be done few days in
advance to save time for the migration process itself.

Regards, Rudi.