I'm unsure what caused this issue as it seemed to happen out of the blue. This is a fully patched Netware server. It is running 6.5 SP7 with the post SP7 OS patches and ZFD has been fully patched to 7 SP1 IR1 HP2.

I patched this server with the latest and greatest in hopes of it resolving our issue but no luck. Imaging was fast for a long time until very recently. IMGSERV.NLM hits the CPU hard and it the imaging gets slower and slower as the image is being applied.

We have a 2nd imaging server at another site. If I point to that server as the imaging host and this other server for just the image location, it's fast and doesn't peg the CPU on our 2nd imaging system. Does anyone have any insights or experience with an issue such as this? I would really like to fix whatever is broken but we can always build a new server if that's what's required. We have other systems running on this server and only imaging seems to bog it down.