This is a new thread to continue what was discussed earlier in my
previous thread.

Background: I have a server that had SLES 10 SP1 installed, then ZCM,
then OES2. After the install of OES2 the ZCM stuff stopped working
because of port conflicts. So, I added a new IP address to the server,
called it zcm-services and put ZCM on that IP address. Things just
didn't work right. So, I swapped them around: ZCM was on the original
IP address and the OES stuff was on the new IP address. Works MUCH
better. Now after the upgrade to 10.1 the certificates were generated
over again and the clients (2 of them) can't communicate with the server
until I unregister and reregister them.

So, now my question. How should I set this server up (including DNS
recommendations)? Should I do this?

Install SLES 10 SP1
Install OES 2 (can this be a different IP address from the start?)
Install ZCM

Is that the best way to do it? Moving OES 2 to a different IP address
is kind of difficult because of name mismatches.