I have been looking through all the forum posts to see if anyone else is having this issue with Client Trust, apparently not:

I have a customer running BM 3.9 on NW 6.5 SP6 (with all the after patches installed). We are using Client Trust to authenticate the users to the proxy and generally it works great. But for some reason, at random times Client Trust will stop working and when you mouse over the key in the system tray it disappears indicating that Client Trust has crashed and removed itself from memory. The workstations I have seen this on are Windows XP SP2 with no firewall enabled. The workstations also have ZEN 7 agents and Patchlink 6.3 agents installed and they are running Kaspersky AV for Windows version 6 with the KAV Network agent installed so the AV can be centrally managed. The KAV personal firewall is also disabled. Has anyone had this problem with this or a similar configuration and does anyone have any ideas what I might check to find out why the Client Trust is unloading on its own?