This happened overnight. Came in to a blank screen, unresponsive.
Hard reset bought it back up, no obvious problems.
Looks like it wedged partway through writing the abend.log, this is
all it had in it.

Main services on this server are NDPS, NetStorage, FTP and DNS.
Any clues appreciated. NW6.5SP7

Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
PVER: 6.50.07

Server TECHSUPPORT halted Monday, 3 March 2008 8:27:57.471 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.07: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0023 SS = 0010
EAX = 00000000 EBX = 9E9C75AC ECX = 0052D0E0 EDX = 00000001
ESI = F7EC2740 EDI = 9A694A80 EBP = 00003EC8 ESP = 974A9798
EIP = 002FF49A FLAGS = 00010202
002FF49A 8B7808 MOV EDI, [EAX+08]=?
EIP in SERVER.NLM at code start +000F9B7Ah
Access Location: 0x00000008

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
002FF49A 8B7808 MOV EDI, [EAX+08]
002FF49D A14CDB4300 MOV EAX, [SERVER.NLM|PageInCount]=0000025F
002FF4A2 8B154CDB4300 MOV EDX, [SERVER.NLM|PageInCount]=0000025F
002FF4A8 42 INC EDX
002FF4A9 68E0D05200 PUSH SERVER.NLM|SwapSpinLock
002FF4AE 89154CDB4300 MOV [SERVER.NLM|PageInCount]=0000025F, EDX
002FF4B4 E81759E1FF CALL LOADER.NLM|kSpinUnlock
002FF4B9 83C404 ADD ESP, 00000004

Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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