Hi guys,

I currently have Action pack subscription for SBS, and it has been
running for around 4 years. In the middle of this, I got a new
server, but it is I believe only on the fringe of what the new version
of SBS 2008 will support. Add the fact that I want to drop the action
pack, and that Microsoft stop you activating the older releases once
the new release comes out on this platform, that is why i want to look
at moving away from SBS.

We really do use the scheduling/groupware functionality of Outlook,
and also the file stores/shared directories/permissions etc, but use
other machines for other purposes - I have a Postfix spam scanner
machine, and a Debian box which used to run our mail services, but now
runs mailing lists, and a web server etc.

I mainly want this for Groupwise, but will also want to do the file
sharing thing with users, groups etc. Remote access via a clean web
interface is a must, and if possible, I would like to use mobile sync
software - I know some versions of Groupwise did come with Intelisync

I have read a few posts on this forum and they haven't given me much
confidence, so could someone give us some success stories using this
product in a similar environment?