Engine: Running on Netware 6.5 SP6
Engine Ver: 2.00.08
Sentinels: Running on Netware 6.5 SP6
Sentinel Ver: 2.00.08
Been running well with NSM for 2 years +.
Monday we got reports that ALL USER FOLDERS from a site were gone!
Server name = 45-NWS-SITE1 Volume name = USERS:
Novell Administrator shows some of the folders were deleted by our NSMProxy user on Friday morning at 11:00AM-ish. It did not show ALL the folders in salvage, just some, and those were deleted by 'NSMProxy'.

What log files do I search to see what happened on Friday around 11:00AM?

The "ENGINEMS.txt" file for today shows something that is bothersome:
03/03/2008 05:20:43 1: E163 DeleteUserSpace could not delete <45-NWS-SITE1/USERS:\> rc=35228
03/03/2008 05:20:43 4: E407 Delete directory success 45-NWS-SITE1/USERS:\
(it just keeps repeating...)