Been having a problem lately with certain ad sites that are getting blocked by linkwall/urlblacklist. (on BM3.8).

a couple of months ago, users started reporting that they get "403 forbidden" on some rather innocuous sites, like yahoo and gmail...msn...real mainstream stuff. RTmonitor reports the domains being blocked. one of the more common ones is

I just checked the search engine, and its telling me that its categorized as "porn". I can't imagine why...searching around, it seems that it is a marketing/tracking cookie site that is used by many, many large commercial websites. there are others, too. I'm wondering if this is just some mistake on the part of the urlblacklist people, or there is some actual threat. It would be fine if these things were blocked, but what happens is that the user gets nothing but a big bordermanager 403 error, and can't use the web page that they're seeking at all.

(I haven't ever chosen the options to block ads, but how could that function any differently? the web would be simply un-useable. ?)

I did see a reference to this atdmt site in another thread here...just in passing...and on craig's site as an example of how to create your own "manual" blocking list, but no explanation for why any of these sites were listed, or the effects of actually blocking them.
Is it possible that my users are seeing something different from what they should be? i.e., pages from these sites should load and be useable, even if these cookie generators are being filtered? but some glitch in BM is causing it to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", so to speak, if it comes across a single deny hit?

bm 3.8sp5ir1 on nw 6.5spk5, patched to craig's specs as of 12/07