This is my situation and I am hoping that those with more knowledge can help
me out.

The school district that I am the IT person at has just unified and now
encompasses 12 small schools in disperse geographic locations (12 mile
radius). the sites are all connected by t-1 lines to a county school
office (which is our node). I have only OES ntwre servers. I have zen 6.5
but the remote mgmt only works with in the site and not across the slow wan
links. So in order to lower TOC I need to remotely manage wrksts.

It seems I have two choices.

1. Install a middle tier server.

2. Install Zen Config mngmt.

My questions are:

Can one middle tier server handle all the work for these dispersed sites?

If so, where should it be located?

My understanding is that zenconfig mnger is not yet able to manage wrkst in
a WAN, is that true? If true, when will it be able to manage across slow
wan links?

I need to make a decision soon and get started on the process.