As with most Zen things now you have to buy these bolt on's even if you have
been loyal in paying your full suite maintenance.. gripe over..

We are Zen 7 with no plans to move to ZCM (till its MUCH better)

ZESM has been around for while now and we are looking at rolling out a large
suite of laptops. As far as I can see there has been no updates to the
product, the forum here seems dead (which could be a good thing) and
Novell's history of buying companies and incorporating them is not all that

I would appreciate some honest real world users posting what they think of
the product (especially interested in laptop encryption) if you don't want
to here maybe we would converse via e-mail?

A couple of techy q's.. Can we install this in pure MS environment? Does the
HD encryption require and work if using Zen PXE Imaging?