I have a new 72ir1hp3 build, it ran several zlmmirror's ok, but failed on oes2

here is what worked:
zlmmirror m --force-nevra -c zlm_mirror_72ir1hp.xlm
I pushed this out to my zlmprimary just fine as well

zlmmirror m --force-nevra -c zlm_mirror_sles10.xlm
created many bundles so far for i586,x86_64 and ppc, however it is still mirroring now so we will see if it finishes ok or not!! taking forever.


zlmmirror m --force-nevra -c zlm_mirror_oes2.xml

only downloaded 45 or so packages out of 56 then fails, see:

ZENworks Linux Management Mirror (zlmmirror) 7.2.1
Copyright 2007, Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

Catalog "OES2-Updates" has 56 packages to download.
Creating bundle "/zlmmirror/OES2-Updates//OES2-Updates-patches/patch-oes2-novell-nssfileversionutility-clients-4923_OES2-Updates"
Error: An error occurred while trying to create the bundle "/zlmmirror/OES2-Updates//OES2-Updates-patches/patch-oes2-novell-nssfileversionutility-clients-4923_OES2-Updates". (An error occurred while trying to create the object.)

I don't see any support tids or forum threads that address how to fix this other than one guy staying he reinstalled everything, which I not an acceptable course of action here. Anyone have any ideas, pointers, etc as to what might be wrong here?