Hi, am doing the above migration this weekend, just wanted your opinion on
the following 2 points:

1) When setting up the pre-migration server, after I've installed using the
NW65SP7 overlay CD, I presume this is the point where I install all the
available post SP7 patches, before actually doing the migration. The
alternative is to do this after the migration has completed and I've
installed the NetWare products that I need. Which approach is correct? I'd
think that I want the NOS software fully patched before the migration, just
wanted to be sure though as the pre-migration server doesn't have a lot of
products on it...

2) LAN cards - my source server has 4 of them (4 LAN segments served which
DHCP serving workstations on each), the pre-migration server will only need
1 LAN card working for the migration, but has 4 LAN ports at the ready for
after the migration. Do I have to install all 4 LAN ports on the
pre-migration server in order for the migration, including DHCP info, take
properly? If not, then when do I install the 3 extra LAN ports, is it prior
to installing the DHCP product with the other NetWare products, or do I
install the 3 extra LAN ports when I've completed everything else?

Thanks in advance!