Hi, I'm using ZLM72xx, and I wonder how to distribute patches on the best
way to my
OES2 Linux boxes (and a few sles10sp1).

I tried creating a BundleGroup and added all "patches" from zlmmirrored
source (oes2
and sles10). But when I assign that bundlegrp to all my servers, just a few
get updated...
and some of them with double kernel-defaults (diff versions). And the
servers that does
not get updated a new patches from the undlegrp is installed at the host.
Every server
is exactly the same config (cuz of vmware esx).

So, using Catalogs requires some commands running at the server like "rug
sub Channel1".
I dont want that, I need to apply patches automatically (after tried in labb
of cuz).

Anyone can help me with some guidelines?

thx /Anders