I have lost 2.3 GB of free space on a 6.5.5 traditional volume. I cut and pasted 1.3 GB earlier in the afternoon and two hours later lost 2.3 GB of disk space on the volume.

Here is what happened;
on my Vol1 volume (user data files) I cut and paste 1.3 GB of various files from one server to another in the same tree at 10:30 am. Ran Remote manager and purge the volume and my free space was 16.4 GB. When I went and looked at the free space at 4:30 PM, my drive size was only 14.1 GB. I did a search on the volume to make sure that a user did not paste any large files. The search results showed that they was no new files place on the volume.

Called Novell and they said they cannot find out what happen to the free space. And did not have an explanation.

Any ideas on where to look or what to run?