I replaced a NW 6.5/GW server in our (v8.8.1) tree for a SLES 10/GW server, and swapped their IP addresses. Prior to downing the NW server I removed the (single part.) ds replica from the server, then changed it’s IP addr. Now I’m unable to delete the server object from the tree via Consoleone – error: ‘Unable to delete the server while its up’. The server properties show the old IP Network addresses which are in use by the new server, and Status: Up.

Apparently ds is seeing a ‘live’ Ip from the new server and reporting back to the old object (..also noticed the old server appears in imonitor – Agent Summary – Known Servers list).
Logic tells me if I change the Network address to a non-existent IP then ds would see the server is down and allow me to delete the object – No?
With that - here’s my question: Can I operate on the server object to change the network addresse(s)?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,