I have a Netware 6.5.5 cluster running file services. On a -different- 6.5.5 cluster I have Netstorage running as a cluster resource. The NetStorage settings.properties files are configured with the IP of the server with the data on it (not that of the NetStorage clustered resource IP), and MailHost correctly references our smtp server.

Issue 1. While logins and uploads work, we've managed to determine that downloads ONLY work if you double-click a file and choose to open/save, but only if it is a known file type. Otherwise there is an attempt to display the file in a browser window and then it downloads the resultant html nonesense as a zip file. You can't simply check the check box and choose File->Download. That just results in a flash of the screen, nothing more (pops are not being blocked).

Issue 2. The mail feature results in http 500 errors when using the modified default mail setting AND when entering the correct mail host in manually.

I've tried the Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and an assortment of browsers. All certs are good. Pkidiag reports no errors. Tomcat loads without any errors.

Is it possible Netstorage just doesn't run properly when the Netstorage service is NOT on the same cluster/server as the data being served? And is there an additional piece of software required to allow tomcat to use the mail feature of NetStorage?

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