Hello All,
I just got my GMS for Linux Beta up and running on a SLES10SP1 server.
It's the basic SLES10SP1 install and GMS is th eonly thing running on it.
This server was specifically purchased for only this product. Anyhow, I
have it all setup, I can Admin it, and I can go to the main page and login
with my GroupWise userid and password, and all that works fine. But, when I
get to the page where I can Send the Install via SMS to my phone, it wants
me to put the number in international format. Well, why? In the Windows
Server versions all we had to do was put our Area code in and the our 7
digit cell number. Now, when I put in the 10 digit number,I get an error:
Phone number is invalid. Where have I messed up? Anyone else had this? I
know, American's and their 10 digit telephone numbers. Anyhow, any help is