I am trying to upgrade my NW6.5 server.

Current Novell box: HP server tc2110
Novell version: Novell Netware 6.5 Server version 5.70

I downloaded NW65SP7.zip from novell.com onto my XP desktop and burned it to a couple of CD's (my Novell 6.5 box is lacking a DVD rom). On my current Novell box, I used the file browser and naigated to SYS:, created a folder called NW65SP7, and copied all the files from the CD's to that folder.

Following Novells instructions via their website:

If you are installing from media, start with Step 2.

2. At the server console prompt, enter NWCONFIG.
3. Select Product Options > Install a Product Not Listed.
4. Depending on where the NetWare Support Pack files are located, complete one of the following:
- From the local volume SYS:, press F3 and then specify the path, including the volume name (I used, SYS:\NW65SP7).
5. Press Enter.

From here, I received the following error message:
No installation file (*.IPS or PINSTALL.NLM could be found at path "SYS:\NW65SP7\". (nwconfig-6-262) Press <ENTER> to continue.

What am I missing?

I also tried to hook up my external DVD ROM via USB, but I'm not sure how to get novell to recognize it.

Any and all help is much appreciated.